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Analytical Method Validation Analyst

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Job Description职位说明书


Job Title职位名称: Analytical Method Validation Analyst 分析方法验证分析员
Department部门: ARD Dept 研发分析部
Reports to直接汇报上级: Analytical Method Validation Group Leader分析方法验证组长
Job Location工作地点: Wuhan China 武汉
Essential Responsibilities主要工作职责
  1. Develop, validate and validate analytical test methods在分析方法验证组长的安排下开展分析方法的开发,验证及转移工作;
  2. Sample test work for prescription and the production craft在分析方法验证组长安排下配合配方及工艺开发部完成处方工艺研究样品的测试工作;
  3. Test work for technology and cost optimization在分析方法验证组长的安排下配合技术服务组完成工艺优化,成本优化等相关的测试工作;
  4. Write lab record and  account及时完成试验记录及相关实验台账;
  5. Take part in deviation, report and audit.发现偏差,及时汇报,并积极开展调查并及时完成调查报告;
  6. Other jobs  assigned by supervisor完成分析方法验证主管交代的其他工作。
  1. B.S or M.S. degree in pharmacy, pharmaceutical analysis or related discipline大学本科及以上,药物分析、药学相关专业;
  2. 2 years  relevant experience2年以上(本科以上应届)相关工作经验;
  3. Good Skills in Microsoft Office熟悉office软件使用,word排版,PPT制作熟练;
  4. Orderly and clearly expression 语言表达清晰,叙述过程有条理;
  5. Good communication and interpersonal skills沟通能力强,善于建立融洽的工作关系;
  6. Good command of  English英语读写能力好,可以进行简单的口语交流;
  7. Open and optimistic personality性格开朗,为人坦诚。



PuraCap Pharmaceutical LLC is an equal opportunity employer and affords equal opportunity to all applicants and employees for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected under local, state, or federal laws.


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